Month: February 2017

UConn’s Art+Feminism Wikipedia Edit-a-thon Event

Art+Feminism Wikipedia editathon (2014-) is an annual, global collaborative effort to redress the under representation of women, gender fluid, and POC women editors and artists to the global online encyclopedia. 2019 marks the Editathon’s 5th year, and UConn Storrs‘s fourth year hosting a community node of the event. The Art History program at UConn has been organizing and hosting a node annually since 2016: The node has largely been linked to one or more of our art history classes and held in a computer room in the library in order to facilitate community involvement. This year, we’re looking for greater UConn community participation and collaboration with UConn Hartford and UConn Stamford! offers online training for instructors/editors, provides grant monies for pizza and childcare, and backup when the inevitable “old guard” male Wiki editor resistance to an addition kicks in. The edit-a-thon is held globally in and around March, which is Women’s History Month. In recognition of the 30-year anniversary of UConn’s Africana Studies Institute, we’re focusing our efforts on increasing representation of WOC. Cf., Black Women’s Lunchtable is a good resource and starting point.

When: April 1st, 2019

Where: Greenhouse Studios + the Humanities Institute, both in Homer Babbidge Library