Artists Added

A partial list of artists added or edited since we began hosting a UConn node of Art+Feminism Wikipedia Edit-a-thon in 2016:



Nancy Floyd

Glenna Gordon

Louise Larocque Serpa

Rollie McKenna

Joni Sternbach – REDUX! We are relentless and we will prevail!

Elaine Stocki



Deborah Dancy

Gretchen Garner

Winifred Hall Allen



Barbara Blondeau

Pryde Brown – DELETED!

Barbara Bosworth – persistence and editing and intervention by the A+F organizers pays off!

Linda Connor – edited

Laura McPhee

Kim Stringfellow – edited

Collier Schorr – edited



Barbara Bosworth – previously added and deleted

Genevieve Gaignard

Betty Hahn

Laura Larson – DELETED!

Deana Lawson

Joni Sternbach – DELETED!



Ellen Emmet Rand